Court Locations

Beginning October 16, 2017
New Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone: (815) 319-4500
Location Address Judge Courtroom Floor Case Type
Winnebago County
400 West State Street
Hon. John Gibbons
Courthouse* Rockford, IL 61101
Hon. Eugene G. Doherty
209 2nd Civil / Criminal
Google Maps   Hon. Ronald Barch 216  2nd  Civil 
    Hon. Janet R. Holmgren 217 2nd Criminal
    Hon. Stephen Balogh 311 3rd Civil / Criminal
Hon. Donald P. Shriver
317 3rd Civil
    Hon. Jennifer Clifford 315 3rd Criminal
    Hon. John S. Lowry 314 3rd Criminal
    Hon. Ronald J. White 316 3rd Criminal
    Hon. Lisa R. Fabiano 412 4th Civil
    Hon. Donna Honzel 426 4th Civil
    Hon. Gwyn Gulley 451 4th Civil
    Hon. Joseph J. Bruce 455 4th Civil
    Hon. Steven L. Nordquist 459 4th Civil
    Hon. Debra D. Schafer 467 4th Criminal
    Hon. Randy Wilt 478  4th Criminal
Criminal Justice 650 West State Street Hon. Joseph McGraw A 2nd Criminal
Center Rockford, IL  61102 Rotating Judge B 2nd Criminal
Google Map   Hon.  Philip Nicolosi C 2nd Criminal
    Hon. Brendan A. Maher D 2nd Criminal
Juvenile Justice 211 South Court Street Hon. K. Patrick Yarbrough 1 2nd Juvenile
Center Rockford, IL  61101 Hon. Mary Linn Green 2 2nd Juvenile
Google Maps   Hon. Francis Martinez 3 1st Juvenile
* All new case filings and case payments should be made at the Winnebago County Courthouse location in Room 108.

Mailing Address: 400 West State St., Rockford, IL 61101
Phone: 1-815-319-4500 (8:00AM - 5:00PM CDT) 

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