Claims Greater Than  $50,000.00

A Law “L” case number shall be assigned to tort, contract, and a variety of other actions in which the damages sought are greater than $50,000.00. The amount of damages contained in the complaint pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 222, excluding interest and costs, determines the category, not the amount of the verdict or judgment. If no specific amount is claimed, an L number shall be assigned.

This list of subcategories is not intended to be comprehensive: rather, it is intended to illustrate the kinds of actions that are to be filed under the Law "L" category.

• Application of Judgment
• Appointment of Special Administration
• Auto Tort
• Confession of Judgment
• Contract- Money Damages
• Dram Shop
• Distress for Rent
• Detinue
• Forcible Entry
• Law Malpractice
• Medical Malpractice
• Miscellaneous Tort
• Personal Injury
• Replevin
• Registration of Foreign Judgment
• Real Property
• Tort – Money Damages
• Transcript
• Wrongful Death

Question: How do I file a Law “L” case (in excess of $50,000.00)?

Answer: As each Law Case Filing is unique in its content, there is no standard complaint form available to be filled out. A litigant who chooses to represent themselves Pro-Se will need to consult an attorney or prepare the appropriate complaint themselves. The Self-Help Center located in the third floor Law Library is available for research purposes. 

Necessary forms for filing a Law "L" case include:

Affidavit - Military Service (1 per Defendant)
Complaint (No standard complaint form available)
Cover Sheet
Summons (1 original and 1 copy per Defendant)

Download forms to the left or go to Court Forms for a complete list of all available forms.

Upon completion of the forms necessary for your case, you will need to file your forms at the Circuit Clerk’s Office room 108 at the civil counter. Fee due upon filing.

The clerk will issue one summons per party, and the filer will be responsible to have it served appropriately. If you choose to use the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office for service, the clerk will collect the appropriate fees at this time.

The case will then be assigned the next appropriate First Return Court date or Case Management date.

It is the petitioner’s duty to follow the events of the case and appear for the court dates. Failure to do so may result in the case being dismissed.

Question: What do I do if I have been served with a summons?

Answer: Read the summons carefully and follow the instructions on the summons. If you wish to file an Answer and Appearance, download and complete the forms to the left. Fee due upon filing.

You must mail copies of the Answer and Appearance to the opposing party/attorney of record.

Pursuant to Illinois Statute (705 ILCS 110 / 1) the Circuit Clerk’s Office is unable to assist in the preparation of documents or give any legal advice.

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Phone: 1-815-319-4500 (8:00AM - 5:00PM CDT) 

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