Criminal / Traffic Information


3. Instructions for Civil and Juvenile Case Categories

If a complaint in a civil case contains two or more counts that appear to fall under more

than one case category, the clerk shall determine which case category to use in assigning

the case number.


An Adoption case number shall be assigned to every adoption case.


An Arbitration case number shall be assigned to every arbitration-eligible case

at the time it is filed; the case shall retain the AR number even if it subsequently

is assigned to a civil court call. NOTE: This case category shall be used only by

counties that have initiated Mandatory Arbitration as defined by Supreme Court

Rules 86 through 95.

Manual on Recordkeeping-1996 Edition

Part 1

Section B

Revised January 1, 2004 Page 2 of 9


A Chancery case number shall be assigned to a complaint for equitable relief in

matters such as foreclosures, trusts, and title to real property. If any equitable

relief is sought in a complaint, the case shall be classified as a CH case unless the

action is included under another category of the Case Code Letter and Category



A Dissolution case number shall be assigned to a complaint for dissolution of

marriage, annulment, or separate maintenance.


An Eminent Domain case number shall be assigned to proceedings involving

compensation to an owner for property taken for public use.


A Family case number shall be assigned to a variety of matters including

proceedings to establish the parent-child relationship, notice to putative fathers,



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