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Administrative Order 2020-15


COVID-19 Procedures for Agreed Extensions of Emergency Orders of Protection. This order remains in effect until further notice.

The Court will continue to review and adjust this order as necessary. 

Temporary Forms


Question: How do I know if I should file a Domestic Violence Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact Order, or a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order?

Answer: An individual seeking an Order of Protection has a "domestic relationship" with the person who abused them or the person they would like protected.

A "domestic relationship" includes a relationship with a(n):

Ex or former spouse
Boyfriend or girlfriend
Someone with whom you have a child in common
Someone with whom you share living space
Brother or sister
Stepbrother or stepsister
Person with disability
Person responsible for a high-risk adult
Personal assistant or caregiver to a person with a disability
Another person related by blood or marriage

Stalking No Contact Order is for any person who is the victim of a course of conduct that causes the victim to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person, or to suffer emotional distress, and relief is not available to the victim through the Illinois Domestic Violence Act or through a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order.

Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order is for any person who is a victim of non consensual sexual conduct. These orders also protect family or household members of a victim and Rape crisis center employees/volunteers.

Question: How do I file an Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact Order, or Civil No Contact Order?

Answer: You may obtain paperwork by going to:

• The Domestic Violence Assistance Center (DVAC) located in the Winnebago County Courthouse, 400 West State St., Rockford, IL 61101. In some cases they are able to assist in filling out the paperwork.

The Self Help Center located on the 3rd floor of the Winnebago County Courthouse.

• The Circuit Clerk's Office room 108.

Online at Illinois Legal AID 

• Request Emergency Protection online/remotely. Instruction can be found here: http://www.illinois17th.com/public-info/domestic-violence-help/file-a-restraining-order




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